Sign Italy Poligraph is a Made in Italy brand, leader in Industrial Design of ceramic tiles, fabrics, furniture, interior and exterior design.

From the forty-year Italian brand Poligraph, synonymous with value and creativity in the world, to a new reality following its long and prestigious path to anticipate future trends.

The weft of our skill becomes part of the warp of future trends that we can anticipate. Our projectivity summons a continuous renewal.

The vision of Sign Italy Poligraph is to renovate the form starting from the idea of trend anticipation. We work hard glancing beyond the present to understand what will be liked tomorrow.

The gestation of ideas resulting from a teamwork, participation and attendance to trade fairs all around the world, virtual and real meeting places.

Thanks to an all-Italian tradition, that bears inscribed in the genes the incessant evolution of artistic style, we feel the need to constantly re-interpret the marks of the contemporary age with the strength of the artistic tradition and of the ancient atelier masters.

Our graphic designs are inspired by the manifold signs all along as gifts offered by nature: the veins of wood, the shades of marble, the effect of stripes becoming almost alive in natural stones.

We transform ideas and ambitions of your company in a graphic marking, making use of a know-how made of experience, constant research and love for our work.


We develop projects that aim to maximum functionality and charming appearance.

disegno industriale

Sign Italy Poligraph industrial design is a research devoted to grasp the signs and the many-sided beauty of nature, and the imprint left behind by mankind through art and technology, with the aim to apply them to industrial production of ceramics and textiles, and to design.

Starting from a trends study, employing our skills, we achieve the actualization of solutions for all your needs, also of reproduction on a large scale.


Sign Italy Poligraph inflects the future trends into the present.

We are emerged in an age of extreme competition, in which the speed of global market generates a strong imitability of products. To overcome this impasse, Sign Italy Poligraph adopts the trend anticipation, with prediction design tendencies.

Thanks to trends research, the trade fair participation, and a watchful gaze on the transformation of the megalopolis and tendencies, we are able to predict which will be the future trends two years beforehand. Thanks to our insight we are able to offer our customers a quality brand, keeping the distance from down reproduction and relaunching Made in Italy quality, as synonymous with guarantee and reliability.


Sign Italy Poligraph is tradition of graphics on tiles.

ricerca ceramica sign italy poligraph

Our tradition of research for graphics on tiles is an activity that we have been carrying out for more than forty years, with realizations resulting from an ongoing project of R&D and innovation, already become by the greatest ceramic brands.

Experience in design creates fine projects in which skills and creativity of our team take shape.

ceramica ricerca design progettazione grafica


Our brand is the driving force for meeting the needs of each client.


Sign Italy Poligraph aims to meet the needs of the customer in all forms, therefore not only designs on tiles but also solutions for furnishings and fabrics.

Curtains, wallpapers, tapestries, fabrics for clothes and all that can be connected to the world of fabrics, from now are conceived within the Sign Italy Poligraph research project for design.

Our graphic know-how and our made in Italy brand, always at the service of clientele satisfaction, make the coordination of all aesthetic needs easier and more effective.


Sign Italy Poligraph can count on the most cutting-edge technology in flat and rotary screen printing, traditional and digital.

Essential the analysis of the fabric and the frame, the tensioning, emulsifying and photoengraving, washing and finishing steps for the production of Nickel, rollers, traditional Roll print and with dual-ring system. Engravings effected with films or Cermax system, and also a new high technology manufacturing process that allows the preparation of printing screens without using photographic films but with the image projection even on large frames.

We pay due regard to every innovation to satisfy a more and more demanding clientele, sensitive to the professionalism and the value of our brand.



SignItaly Poligraph leaves long-lasting marks.

serigrafia siliconica

The experience in the use of the screen printing techniques is the strong tradition of  SignItaly Poligraph and among these stands out the application of the silicone rollers for printing.

For all printing systems available for the ceramic field, Sign Italy Poligraph realizes laser engravings of cylinders in various sizes and with different silicone compounds.

We offer high quality level, accurate definition, steady shade reproduction in the course of time and excellent performances in terms of speed and production quantity.

Sign Italy Poligraph is technique engraving  the doorway to imagination.


The multi-faceted world of graphics is inflected by SignItaly Poligraph in using InkJet technology.

Thanks to innovative technologies in our photo studio even very small materials may be scanned, maintaining quality and style, in order to reproduce faithfully stones, marbles, woods, textiles and other materials.

From the creative flair of our designers the graphic files are created, available in different lengths and sizes, ready for the printing.

Last but not least, completing our service, assistance for chromatic variations and profiling.

Quality and excellence for the best printing result.

Grafica InkJet


Sign Italy Poligraph is specialized in photo research projects and is proud of a long tradition of studies and attention to details.

acquisizione digitale

The efficiency of the design solution proposed ad hoc to each customer originates from the quality of digital capture of images that our company has.

Study, updating and passion drive us to the verification of ever new acquisition techniques both 2D and 3D.

Our added value is the deep know-how of our team and our constant attention to everything related to the image research project.

Sign Italy Poligraph is high-definition quality.


An ideal space for choosing our products.

sala mostra

Our show room is the place where the customer can explore the presentation of our real and virtual catalogues: marbles and natural stones, wood, textiles, finished tiles for wall and floor tile, artistic graphics, design items and much more.

To be implemented soon a pathway that,  in a multiplicity of perspectives thanks to many monitors, allows to evaluate, in a rendering reconstruction, the presented materials or to get the inspiration for customized realizations.

We pay attention in fact to every step, accompanying your choices in each trend anticipation, and from this determination the project of VIP room set up ad hoc on customers preference has arisen.

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